My work is inspired by plants, animals and anatomy. Animals, because of their emotions. Anatomy, because of the symbolism of our brains, heart and bones. Plants, because of their complexity. And all three because of their beauty and inner wisdom.

In addition to medicinal and healing properties, many plants, flowers and trees have symbolic and spiritual meaning. I draw plants and flowers in a way that reveals their insight: flowers and plants with eyes, hearts or mouths. In this world, plants visually tell you what they heal.



I work with graphite and charcoal on paper. I layer mechanical pencil with graphite powder, charcoal powder as well as using the powders in watercolor. I make the charcoal myself from twigs and stems found around my home that is "cooked" in a fire pit.


People & the Planet

10% of all sales are donated to charities. Every quarter, I'll choose an organization supporting the natural environment, fighting systemic racism, and where the two intersect.